Here is the thing

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Staring at your display for a lot of EVE Mobile ISK jumps isn't hard. It's just dull. Each of the rad af Eve players don't appear to know or are strawmanning the actual problem people have with the shift. Travel is boring, not tough. What made it not boring wasn't needing to be around for it.Why is it difficult to stay in safe zones and create money there? Like the EVE world is really big, there is a lot to do without risk and you are able to let folks play with the danger manner too. Why does it have to be your way just, and not both?But what is there to do in safe zones? I've been farming T6 anoms and encounters for a week or so... so now I simply need to go back to hi-sec and farm T1-2 experiences / anoms? That might suck.

It is possible to visit low sec and still be protected, the gates and bases there still have guards. It is only nul sec that's the matter, since there is no law.I don't find the issue. Null sec is where the best rewards are from the sport and needs to be the area with the maximum risk. Why would you're traveling deep into null in case you don't live there? If you are day tripping to conduct websites, take the risk and do not go so deep you need to autopilot. If you want to live there, then combine a good corp/alliance that permeates the area and can ensure it is safe for you.If that is not casual enough, then remain is reduced or hi sec at which you may have a greater level of security. Utilize the delivery system if you want to offload what little risk there is to other players.You can afk travel safely in even the most ignorant ships.In high-tech space.It isn't a bait and switch.

Here is the thing. Gate camps are costly when you get rolled by the regional alliance, also if you're traveling through their nullsec space, they'll destroy you also because it is their land. Either join them try to run the blockade and make your money by EVE Echoes ISK For Sale simply being one of the only people hauling in goods from nullsec.