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Brussels Airlines is designing a new uniform for its flight attendants, pilots, and airport workers as part of its new brand identity.

Brussels Airlines is designing a new uniform for its flight attendants, pilots, and airport workers as part of its new brand identity. The Belgian airline is working with the Fashion Department of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp, where second-year student Gabrielle Szwarcenberg won a competition against five other students who each created three signature Brussels Airlines uniform pieces. Brussels Airlines hopes to boost the international fashion scene and show off even more of its Belgian heritage with this partnership. Book Brussels Airlines flight tickets to experience lavish and lush journey with your family.

The airport employees, pilots, and cabin crew of Brussels Airlines will don a new uniform starting in the summer of 2023. The airline collaborated with the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp to create the uniform. Five promising students from the academy were chosen and given instructions to represent the new company identity in the design of a new uniform after asking the employees about their requirements and preferences.

"The Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp's Fashion Department enjoys widespread acclaim in the fashion industry. The academy is the perfect fit for Brussels Airlines because it exudes excellence and Belgitude. With this partnership, we hope to promote up-and-coming designers and provide the Belgian fashion scene a global platform.

Brussels Airlines' Head of Marketing, Michel Moriaux

"Despite the Antwerp fashion department's primary concentration on artistic and experimental topics and the overwhelming number of requests for collaborations we receive every year, we were immediately compelled to accept the relationship with Brussels Airlines because it is a symbol of Belgium. The students had the chance to learn about a different facet of the fashion industry and apply this knowledge to a real-world project. We are incredibly proud of Gabrielle Szwarcenberg, one of our brightest students. Second-year instructor in fashion design and the director of the Antwerp Fashion Department, Katarina Van Den Bossche SHOW cosy, contemporary, and elegant

Brussels Airlines received a new appearance and logo with its new identity, which was introduced in November of last year. This design highlights the airline's variety and Belgian heritage. The Brussels Airlines personnel will now be able to don a uniform that highlights the same principles.

"We attentively listened to what our coworkers in uniform had to say about what they wanted and expected from their uniform. In this process, their comfort is given top priority, but inclusivity and sustainability are also significant factors. Everyone should feel comfortable in their uniform and free to be themselves. We are pleased with Gabrielle Szwarcenberg's work thus far and eager to collaborate with her on the uniform design. Barbara Fleury, Brussels Airlines' uniform coordinator

"It is already an honour to have been picked from among the incredibly great creatives in the Antwerp Fashion Department, but to have been named the winner is mind-blowing to me. I'm overjoyed to get the chance to entirely overhaul the airline's appearance from a brand-new design standpoint, especially for such a venerable Belgian organisation as Brussels Airlines. Gabrielle Szwarcenberg, a second-year student at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp's Fashion Department

The uniform's components will be designed and a manufacturer will be selected in the upcoming months by Brussels Airlines and Gabrielle Szwarcenberg. In the spring of 2023, the new uniform will be introduced.