Prehistoric Nu Wa reborn

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"After so many years of fighting, the three clans have already become the property of the clans, and now we

"After so many years of fighting, the three clans have already become the property of the clans, and now we have made them lose without complaint or regret.". It is said that the three clans are also demons. If they refuse to submit to heaven, who is to blame? Di Jun laughed and said. Yes, destroying the three clans is just an internal affair of the demon clan. As soon as he heard Emperor Jun say this, he finally breathed a sigh of relief. Just now he was still worrying about his teacher. He didn't want a ready-made excuse, so he opened his mouth. I mean to deal with the three clans to make a quick decision. There is no need to send troops to the three clans. The best way is to let the three clan lead the people to take the initiative to attack our sun star. Fuxi said. Do you think Fuxi Daoyou has a plan in mind? Xi He asked with a smile. "Fuxi blushed and said she was ashamed. It was Nu Wa who first thought of it." The three clans have been at odds with each other for a long time, but in recent years they have been plotted against by the Queen Mother of the West, which has added fuel to the fire, resulting in a decline in strength. Now we just have to find a way to convince them that our common enemy is the celestial court, and that the heavenly court is just going to join hands with it to deal with the celestial court. The three clans are greedy and have this opportunity to join hands, and they are not willing to miss this opportunity to capture the sun star. As long as the three clans start, or the three clans are willing to come to heaven, the rest is not in the hands of the two majesties. Fuxi spoke eloquently. Everyone's eyes brightened. What Daoyou said is very much to my liking. I think we should deal with the three clans first. I'm afraid they can't wait to come to me. Emperor Jun nodded to Fuxi and laughed. Chuan Bai Ze! Emperor Jun ordered to go down, but for a moment outside the hall came a young man in his twenties, wearing a white bunt dress and a white gown, but there was a gap between his mature appearance and his actual age. Nu Wa couldn't help laughing: "I don't know how many masseuses Bai Ze will become in the future. I thought all the top ten demons were ferocious, but I didn't expect Bai Ze to be a very gentle one.". When Heaven was newly established,plastic cosmetic tubes, Nu Wa, one of the top ten demon commanders, had seen them far away. Although these demon commanders were also great magical powers in the demon clan, after all, they were not in the eyes of these innate gods and demons, but they were in the demon clan, so they paid special attention to them. To say that Bai Ze's magical power in the top ten demon handsome,metal cosmetic tubes, can only be regarded as the weakest one, but his strength is not how magical power, but in his wit and strategy. It is said that he can see through the inner world of the other side, coupled with the habit of sophistry and observation, so he is firmly in the position of the top ten demon generals in the demon clan. What he relies on to become famous is the treasure he carries with him, which is called the Treasure Mirror of the World. It can manifest all the things in the world, and can perceive all kinds of things that have happened in the past. Based on this, he can speculate on the present and even the future. It is very calm, but it is not undeserved. Bai Ze, Heaven wants to fight against the three clans. I want to send you to the three clans to persuade them to come to Heaven to discuss how to deal with the immortal court. Emperor Jun ordered. Bai Ze took the order! Does Your Majesty want the three clans to come with the elite army? Bai Ze looked straight into Di Jun's eyes and said thoughtfully. You really deserve to be the sage and prophet of my demon clan. It's my intention to let the elite teachers of the three clans come together. Go! Emperor Jun laughed. Tai Yi and Kun Peng had no expression when they knew this, but Fu Xi and Nu Wa were secretly frightened: "This Bai Ze is too much." This will be the result of an early death if it falls into the hands of Cao Cao and his like in later generations. See through what people think, but also should see through the ways of the world, no one wants to be seen through by the other side, cosmetic plastic tube ,aluminium laminated tube, at least the two of them do not want to. In this war, Your Majesty might as well invite the two leaders of the West to help. Fuxi got up and made suggestions. Invite two leaders of the Western religion to help? Aren't you a little worried about the preparations for the destruction of the three clans in heaven? Tai Yi was a little puzzled. But I calculated that this dragon clan should not fall at this point, for my heaven, since also can not leave any future trouble for myself. Since the west is short of people, why not give him part of the dragon clan? If the West gets this benefit, it will not be an enemy of our heavenly court. Instead, the heavenly court will reap an allied force. Why not? There is a meaning he did not say, when the immortal court and the dragon clan war, the Styx cold to help the immortal court, in order to prevent the Styx relapse, the two leaders of the west pulled in, but just can use him to deal with the Styx. As for Styx, Fuxi didn't want Heaven to make an enemy of him unless he had to. This man was really a "cockroach" who could not be killed. He had a strong vitality, was warlike and brave, and was good at causing trouble. If he was entangled with him, he would be like a maggot attached to a bone, which was not very annoying. It's just that Western religions are different. The two archbishops are both people with great perseverance, great wisdom, and great patience. They are natural enemies of the Styx River. Let the two of them fight against each other, which is exactly what the wicked people say, but they don't have to Wade into this muddy water with heaven. This is a powerful alliance, or how about the sorcerer taking a trip to the Western religion? Emperor Jun turned to Kunpeng Road. Kunpeng naturally agreed, so everyone split up. The way to deal with the three clans is actually very simple. Emperor Jun sent Bai Ze, one of the ten generals of the demon clan, to invite the head of the three clans to heaven to discuss how to deal with the immortal court. Not to mention that Bai Zedang is a lobbyist, only the three clans themselves are not fools, who does not have an account in their hearts? Moreover, the princes of the East and the Queen Mother of the West did have the potential to expand towards them. Now Bai Ze has come forward to analyze the cause and effect of the three clans, analyze the general trend of the flood and famine, and give advice to them, but it is even more to the heart of the other side, not to mention that Emperor Jun and Taiyi are thirsty for talents. In fact, they have always taken in everything from the flood and famine clans, unlike what he claims, they only recruit demons, so they do not doubt their sincerity. Then Bai Ze took out a mirror of the world and exposed what Xianting had done to the three clans over the years. The three clans also vaguely felt that many things happened between the three clans were abnormal and suspicious, but the big mistake had been made, the resentment had been deep, and there was no one to mediate, so they put aside the suspicion and remained enemies. Now that Bai Ze has resolved this, what doubts are there? Coupled with the current enemy, it is natural to bury the hatchet. Na Bai Ze also intentionally or unintentionally mentioned that the true fire of the sun in Taiyanggong could achieve twice the result with half the effort for their spiritual practice. He also mentioned that the Immortal Court meant not only that the three clans also had a hand in the Heaven Court,pump tube, but that the three clans and the Heaven Court naturally shared a bitter hatred of the enemy. If the three clan joined the Heaven Court, it would be a strong alliance, and the Immortal Court would not dare to covet the Three Clans and Heaven Court again.