What is ANA Airlines Cancellation Policy

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ANA Cancellation Policy has been provided below

It is quite clear that when you make flight reservations, you must have knowledge about the policies of the airlines to manage the reservations easily without facing any problem or inconvenience. ANA Airlines tends to provide complete comfort and satisfaction to its customers, therefore, for your convenience, ANA Cancellation Policy provides you with the authority to make smooth flight cancellations and get full refunds. Your airline tickets may or may not be refundable. This totally depends on the fare rules that apply to your ANA Airlines flight reservations. So if your ticket is refundable, you can simply refund your ticket without paying additional fees or penalties.

ANA Airlines Cancellation Policy

  1. Please go to ANA Airlines official site to check the ticket you want to get refund after canceling your flight reservations.
  2. Your refund will be limited to charges you have paid, such as applicable taxes and airport fees. Sometimes it happens that your ticket is non-refundable according to the applicable rules and policies. Therefore, you should review each policy before making ANA Airlines reservations.
  3. If a customer is seeking full refunds, they will be eligible only when flight reservations are canceled within 24 hours of the original reservations.
  4. If the flight ticket is canceled within 7 days prior to travel, it will not be eligible for any type of refund.
  5. If the flight cancellation is made after 24 hours or after the original purchases, you can still cancel the reservations, but you must pay an additional cancellation fee or charges.
  6. Cancellation charges will depend on several factors such as the destination, the type of rate, etc.
  7. To check the refund and cancellation smoothly, you need to visit ANA Airlines official site and click the "Manage Trip" option available on the home page.