What types of braids are worthy to try?

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What types of braids are worthy to try in the upcoming seasons

Since most of the braided hairstyles are considered to be protective and they succesfully protect your hair from the environmental damage, that is very likely to be caused, a lot of various options for braided hairstyle were invented. The craving for cornrowed and braided styles in the summer tends to be strong for curlies, and believe me, there are tons of curls variations combined with braids. 

Speaking about curlies, the most stunning and gorgeous example of a high volume braids are crochet braids https://lovehairstyles.com/crochet-braids-ideas/ . Depending on how well you care for your crochet braids, expect your loved braids to last at least four weeks. And you better to remove them after no later than eight weeks. Of course, make sure to protect your style at bedtime in the same way that you would your natural curls.