Madden 21 Ultimate Team’s menu issues are increasingly being resisted and hated by players

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Since the release of Madden 21, many players have had a very fulfilling experience in the game, but they have also discovered some problems that need to improve. For example, the menu of Madden NFL 21 Ultimate Team is not only slow to load but also poorly designed, especially for players who are not familiar with this mode. Even if they want to use MUT 21 Coins to buy player cards or gift packages, it is difficult to operate.

Ultimate Team’s menu tabs may display positions on the sub-menu that are difficult to cycle through the bumper buttons or disappear from the basic menu, making players feel very annoyed. In fact, they should abandon the Ultimate Team mode and return to the principle menu and then restart Ultimate Team to enter the desired web page until they resolve the patch. On the left is the Rivalz challenge list on the Missions tab on the portal page. From the perspective of playing challenge products under the tab on the portal page, this approach is correct. Players can use one appropriately to understand where they might be in the development and which direction to go in.

In addition, the horror group of the menu makes it difficult to monitor where you might be in the training routine of Coach Rivalz. To ensure that your work progresses, always enter Rivalz from the challenge field under the competition label. In principle, there is a Rivalz collection field in the “Tasks” tab on the webpage, but the list is in another form, and the wording and order are chaotic. The staff management menu is not intuitive for newcomers.

Finally, the player management menu may confuse novice players. If they want to place Jackson at quarterback or automatically assign the best players as beginners, go to the team tab and select the change lineup field and use the D-pad to operate it to show the precise aspects. Finally, click to select to generate the best lineup to ensure that you always have the best players in the field. After finishing everything, players don’t forget to Buy Madden 21 Coins at GameMS, which is very necessary for them.