Slayer Masks Slayer Masks

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While bonus xp is a big part of SOF, There's a difference between straight bonus XP and permanent skill boosting outfits. Half of RuneScape Gold all skilling outfits can easily be obtained through minigames and activities. This is a huge detriment to the achievement to acquire an outfit that is skillful.

Wicked Pouch. People have been wanting a rune-holding item for years, and when it's finally available and made available, it will be available only through Solomon's store. It is also able to swap between spellbooks and prayer books in any place.

Silverhawk Boots. These boots are able to buy agility XP with out losing any money and are essential if you want the highest agility rate you can get in the game.

Portable Forge/Range/Well/Sawmill. I don't have much information on these items yet, but they sound like something straight out of the future Inventor ability. In summary, Jagex has been releasing new RWT products that include features that do not have a counterpart that is available through legitimate gameplay. This might very well be the direction future RWT will take. What do you think? Comments on this brand new kind of RWT?

I believe that the majority of long time players do not like the current trend of SOF/Treasure Hunt. It is possible to find variations of it in Buy RS 3 Gold any online game. Jagex has to make money, because their membership has decreased so much. That includes all the bots they have put out of commission as well as those that have quit. They stayed with the game longer than any other game I've played. This is an honor.