5 Healing Prayers for Anxiety and Depression

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No matter how crucial your mental disorder is, prayers are an ideal way to feel better. Leaving everything on God and becoming optimistic let us enter into a new world.

If you are battling depression, you are not alone. In this fast-moving world, all of us face hardships at some point, which results in depression and anxiety.

Scientifically, depression is termed as a medical imbalance in our bodies. Apart from cognitive therapies and medications, spiritual treatment plays a vital role in depression. The same is the case with anxiety. Depending upon its severity, anxiety can have a massive impact on our routine life.

But optimism can ease the emotional turmoil in no time. When everything looks dark, with no sign of hope, one thing is there to give us courage. He is our Lord, Creator, and the one who promises us to relieve pain after every suffering.

With this in mind, go ahead and read the below five prayers to heal your anxiety and depression:

1-  Prayer for Anxiety

"Dear Lord, please help me manage my anxiety. It is a crippling feeling that restricts me from progressing in life; it affects my family and my work. I feel as though I am being crushed under the weight of my anxieties. But I know one thing that YOU have the power to control everything that is happening in this world. Without your will, nothing can happen.

Therefore, I pray to you to help me bear my burden with aplomb and grace. You are the Creator of this Earth, and only you can protect me from this mental anguish. I do not want to take medications. These medications will make me fall asleep for the whole day. There is no one for me, but you have always helped me in difficult times. This time also, I am sure that you will help me come out of this trouble."

Another great prayer to alleviate anxiety is:

"O Lord! I ask refuge from my anxiety and sorrow.  There is no ease in anything unless you make it easy. I beseech you to make this challenge easy for me; I pray for strength and perseverance to help me manage my anxiety."

Tip: Besides prayers, repeating a mantra is a useful technique for coming out of an anxiety attack. Psychotherapists also suggest counting backward, playing with a ball, and walking at least half an hour a day to overcome anxiety.

Furthermore, you can have a look at the following apps for treating depression successfully. Some of them also provide the best repetitive mantra to bring you out from the darkness. Depending upon your belief and religion, download any one of them:

2-  Prayers for Depression

Here are a couple of prayers for depression that I find calming:

"My Lord, thank you for blessing me with everything that I have. But, even though I have all the blessings of this world, I am not happy. There is something inside me that is resisting me to stay happy. I know only you can help; please lead me to the right source. Help me overcome this weakness; only your grace can lighten my load and help me overcome."

"Dear Lord! There is some external force that is disturbing my soul. My life has been disrupted, and everything looks dark to me. But you have created my body, and only you know the reason behind it. I pray that you open my heart and my mind to light and love so that I may overcome the darkness."

"o Lord! I am your servant; I ask you to make YOUR word the light of my heart and a departure for my sorrow."

Last but not least, another short dua from that always helps me fight anxiety and depression:

"Lord, lift up my heart and ease my task for me."

I am sure you will send someone to help me. I will keep on waiting and I am leaving everything on you. Since you love me more than anything else in this world, you will provide the best solution to my problem.

3-  Prayer for Fear

Fear is often the cause of anxiety; here are a few prayers that I find useful to ease my fears:

"O my Creator, you have created everything in this world. Protect me from the evils in it."

"I seek refuge in You from the evils of the world. Lord, lend me strength and courage."

4-  Prayer to Calm the Mind

Patients with anxiety and depression are likely to have insomnia. Since their mind is always active, they find difficulty in sleeping. Therefore, make this prayer before going to bed:

"My Lord, the Most Magnificent and the Most Merciful, I beg you to calm my mind from all the worries. Something is crushing my mind for the whole day. Even if I want to stay in peace, I fail. I know that you have created this world, and whatever will happen with me is with your will. Help me gain a firm belief in this so that I can leave all the matters on you. I know that whatever you decide for me will be the best. Because you have always helped me."

Note: Psychologists suggest not to run after your sleep. Instead, run after the peace of your mind. If you keep on thinking about getting sleep, you will never be able to sleep. Think that even if you do not sleep for the whole night, nothing will happen to your life.

5-  Prayer for Uncertainty

When I lost my job, and there was so uncertainty due to the pandemic, I made this prayer:

"Dear Lord, we have no clue what is going to happen next. But please save my family and me from the financial burdens. Please open new doors of opportunity for me and let me work hard again. Everyone is showing me signs of hopelessness, but I am sure you will help me in this tough time."

Prayers Can Make Everything Better

No matter how crucial your mental disorder is, prayers are an ideal way to feel better. Leaving everything on God and becoming optimistic let us enter into a new world. Even an initial level of depression can turn into a big problem. Spirituality can make things better if you show consistency and have a firm belief in it. Therefore, do not put your life in difficulty. Start praying and bring a better change in your life.