Ruijie cloud services to get to use in your worklife

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Ruijie Ruiyi's cloud service application software focuses on creating solutions for users in various industries that adapt to different scenarios by going deep into the actual application scenarios of customers.

The RG-On-LINE smart store cloud platform is a cloud service overall solution launched by Ruijie cloud Ruiyi for offline stores of chain brands such as clothing and shoes, catering, and franchised stores.
RG-WSO Ruijie Wi-Fi self-service operation cloud platform is a management system integrating network fee operation and wireless marketing independently developed by Ruijie cloud Ruiyi

Hello everyone, I am Xiao Du, a young man who has just "come out of the nest". Well, the next one is the cloud desktop device, well, let's get started.
Although the master has seen it before, but after looking at it again, I still feel that this device is so long and so big that children can sleep as a bed. It is both a device and a bed. It is multi-functional (* ̄▽  ̄*)/. Closer to home, let's see what device server is"
The cloud desktop of the cloud classroom can be simply understood as the operating system that students enter in class, and the terminal connects to the cloud host server through the network for system access operations. Cloud office is to solve the management problems of traditional computer PC office and effectively improve user experience. Cloud desktop products are IT products, mainly divided into cloud servers, cloud terminals, and cloud desktop application software. Next, let us learn how to log in to each solution product of cloud desktop.
Today, I will also summarize the login method of cloud desktop products.
There is no doubt that in the past few years, as cloud computing has entered a stage of full-blown explosion, industry customers' acceptance of cloud is steadily increasing. At the same time, more and more enterprises and institutions are beginning to shift from traditional architectures to cloud architectures, which makes cloud desktops recognized and adopted by more and more customers.
But we must also see that although cloud desktops have many technical advantages, their market share is still not high compared with traditional commercial PCs. The key reason behind this is that many customers are often worried that cloud desktops have a strong dependence on the network. , Unsatisfied hardware requirements for special scenarios, and inability to protect original investments have made it difficult to take the crucial step of going to the "cloud". Therefore, what method to choose to achieve agile, flexible, secure, and unified access to the "cloud" is currently a matter of great concern to customers in many industries.

It is precisely because of this new change that Ruijie cloud officially released the Sanqing cloud desktop solution on June 30 this year. It solves the worries of the "cloud" in the industry, and also completely breaks through the "last mile" of cloud desktop landing.
Objectively speaking, behind this is not only Ruijie’s latest move to keep pace with the times and actively respond to the needs of industry customers, but also its insistence on “doing difficult but correct things” and maintaining high-intensity self-innovation and evolution in technology and products This is an important testament to the fact that the new Ruijie cloud Sanqing cloud desktop solution is "more tolerant and understands you better". I believe this will further strengthen the future development of China's cloud desktop and accelerate the new process of digital transformation of enterprises .
The transformation from substitution to inclusion began in 2013. Through continuous in-depth innovations in different scenarios and innovations in the integration of VDI and IDV technology architectures, Ruijie cloud has achieved the status of an innovator in the field of cloud desktops in less than ten years. Transformation to leader. Because of this, as early as two years ago, Ruijie cloud clearly put forward the vision of "comprehensively replacing commercial PCs"

In general, focusing on customer needs and experience has enabled Ruijie cloud to realize continuous innovation and upgrading of cloud desktops. For example, the latest Sanqing cloud desktop solution allows every industry user to truly experience the charm of technological innovation; insist on technology Innovation has also enabled Ruijie cloud to achieve a comprehensive leadership in technology and solutions in the field of cloud desktops, enabling enterprises to achieve the goal of "cost reduction and efficiency increase" more quickly; The concept of always doing "difficult and correct things" will also drive Ruijie to show more possibilities in the future, stimulate more new dimension-enhancing competitiveness, and will also better empower the future digital transformation of enterprises , and the business innovations that support them.