How to Uninstall iTunes on Mac OS X

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We have discussed several issues on the internet as lots of people say that iPhone, iPad suddenly stops supporting iTunes on the device display

  We have discussed several issues on the internet as lots of people say that iPhone, iPad suddenly stops supporting iTunes on the device display and send some error notification. Some people claim that iTunes doesn’t respond sometimes. On behalf of people claim, several users want to remove or delete the iTunes application on their Macbook. Removing or deleting iTunes application from Mac is difficult in some ways.


Apple develops iTunes on its device like iPhone, iPad, and Macbook. This application contains a media player. Internet library, media library and permit all the user to download and purchase associated with multimedia.

Before start, this setting, you need to understand one thing removing is not similar to uninstalling. We can say that Removing is a part of uninstalling but can’t uninstall completely.

Here are the steps to remove the program from Mac:-

  1. Visit the application section.
  2. Tap and hold the iTunes tab.
  3. Move iTunes to Trash.
  4. Choose Empty Trash.

This setting is called removal, not uninstalling the software itself. To completely uninstall the application you need to clear Trash, cache crashes errors and clear space, and you can also remove system logs, files, cache, file setting, application library and several other things relates to the application.

How to uninstall iTunes on Mac OS X

You need to remove software on Macs manually. This issue can be solved by removing strong file of the application and relevant files like location, library, application support, preference and application library.

Although some time manually troubleshoot not work, so the user needs to drag the application on the Trash that presenter as an error as shown on the screen-

“iTunes” can’t be modified or deleted because OS X requires it.

After appearing this notification on your screen, you are not allowed to do another method to solve this issue related to iTunes. Here is the other way that you can use to uninstall the iTunes from Mac.

Step 1: Change Permission

iTunes starts sending you regular error notification because of your system software not be deleted permanently from your device. Although you need to change some permission on the application.

Here are the steps on how to change Permission on the application:-

  1. Tap the Ctrl button and click in
  2. Go through with the option that indicates Get info.
  3. Change sharing and Permission to see all the option available on your device.
  4. After that, choose the lock option.
  5. Type the password that you want.
  6. Choose software and drag it to Trash.
  7. Clear the Trash area.

Step 2: Deactivate SIP

If your last troubleshoot not work on your Mac PC, then you can try another way that is called deactivate SIP.

Here are the steps on how to deactivate SIP:-

  1. Reset your Mac device.
  2. Click the Command button and R key on the Mac keyboard.
  3. A menu appears on your screen, choose Utilities, then terminal.
  4. A window pop up on your display, write csrutil disable and tap on Return.
  5. Reset the computer and log into the computer with your id and password.
  6. Write cod/Application/ command, tap the Return icon.
  7. Regularly use suds ram -rf the Command to permanently delete the file.
  8. After completing this setting, enable the Sip.
  9. Tap on reboot.
  10. Choose Command +R
  11. Tap open Terminal.
  12. Type crustily enable.