"Crazy River" Collection: "King of Dreams" DFS top DFS target, data on March 1

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Legendary rapper Snoop Dogg (Snoop Dogg) recently lost a wonderful live broadcast for EA Sports' Madden NFL 21 on Twitch. On February 28 (Sunday), the Drop It Like Hot rappers hosted a live broadcast of "Sit Back, Relax and Chill (sic)" for fans. However, Snoop's latest video on Madden did not end well.

Even after that, the rapper continued to compete, but his comeback in the competition seemed impossible. When the opponent scored the third touchdown, the rapper lost his composure and Snoop saw his team lose 21-0. After watching his team suffer a brutal defeat, the rapper turned off his console and was believed to blame the part of the room he was involved in due to his poor performance. In madden 21, Madden 21 Coins can reduce a lot of mistakes.

Although Snoop Dogg may have turned off the console, the gangster rapper forgot to turn off the Twitch stream before leaving the room. According to the "Sports Bible" report, Snoop's Twitch live broadcast lasted more than seven hours, confusing fans. Even after Snoop left the meeting room, fans were still talking to each other in the chat area. According to reports, the feature of the live video is that the audience listens to music in the background and chats with people.

However, until he calmed down, the live broadcast did not include Snoop at all. Snoop shut down the stream after nearly seven hours. The accidental stream seems to attract many viewers because the video has accumulated more than 200,000 views, which is reportedly a huge increase. Normally, Snoop's Twitch stream has only a few thousand joins, but the unexpected stream caused a huge buzz, making fans eager to know what will happen when Snoop returns.

According to reports, apart from being outraged by the loss of Madden NFL 21, Snoopy is also thriving in the gaming industry. According to Players, last month, WWE Champions added musicians to their roster to commemorate the fourth anniversary of the game's founding. This is the first appearance of the rapper in the WE game. Last October, the 49-year-old Xbox released the X series in the form of a refrigerator. He displayed the gift on his official Instagram page and quickly deleted it. If you want to stand out in madden 21, Buy Madden 21 Coins may help you.