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Playing virtual football at online sports betting site  is a new trend for sports betting enthusiasts. Let's find out why this game is hot and how we, as new players, can increase our chances of winning with this game.

What is virtual football?

Virtual football combines the latest 3D imaging technology with a variety of betting services to create an experience similar to that of real football.

How to play virtual football online at BK8?

Virtual football betting comes with a number of game modes for players to choose from, all based on popular real-life matches.

For example, the virtual football game provided by Betradar includes 16 teams, 240 matches per season, 30 days of competition, and 8 matches played simultaneously. All matches follow the standard format of real-life tournaments, such as:

The World Cup with 32 teams, 64 matches, and over 1,000 betting opportunities.

The Euro Cup 2020 with 24 of the top national teams in Europe playing 51 matches in total.

The Nations Cup, Asian Cup, and Virtual Football Champions Cup with 32 teams and over 100 matches.

The game also features top European clubs like Liverpool, Barcelona, Munich, and Madrid. One part of this new betting product is the Virtual Sports Bundesliga football league, which includes match days and simultaneous matches with real footage from the last 10 seasons of the Bundesliga, providing an exciting experience for players.

Rules for playing virtual football

The rules for virtual football betting are similar to traditional football betting. Once you know the basics of traditional football betting, you can easily place bets on virtual football.

Once you know what virtual football is, let's look at the types of bets you can place in this game.

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Virtual sports betting in general and virtual football betting in particular operate similarly to real-life matches. Players can bet on the winning team in a tournament or championship. For individual matches, the markets that players can bet on include:

Match result

Exact score

Total number of goals



1x2 betting

Let's take a closer look at each type of betting market in the game...

This means that betting on the final score works the same way as betting on the equivalent of 90 minutes in real life. So, if you like a fictional team to win 3-0, for example, you place your bet on that result and bet as you would in real life.

Number of Goals in the Match

As mentioned above, no more than four goals can be scored in a virtual football match due to time constraints, so you cannot place this type of bet. Instead, your betting options for this type of bet are 0 to 4 goals scored in any specific match.

Over/Under Betting

With games limited to a maximum of four goals per match, your only available odds in over/under betting are over 1.5 or 2.5 goals.

Tips for playing virtual football at BK8

So, how can new players improve their betting results with this new type of game at the reputable betting site BK8?

Understand the workings of the RNG

The results of virtual sports events are determined through a random number generator (RNG). Although this ensures complete fairness, like roulette and dice games, you should be prepared to face some unexpected outcomes.

Place small bets

As with any gambling game, placing small bets means you won't win big, but you also won't lose big. Placing small bets can make it much easier for you to recover from losses. This is an aspect that is underrated due to the unpredictable nature of virtual sports.

Understand the odds

You may want to bet on high odds because they will bring more profits. But as every bettor knows, it's much better to win smaller but continuous victories. This also means you should place bets on lower odds but easier to win bets.

Avoid chasing losses

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Pursuing losses or increasing bets to make up for previous losses is one of the biggest mistakes that players make.

The best way to avoid this trap is to set limits for yourself and not exceed the set boundaries.

Managing your betting account

In sports betting, a betting account is similar to a regular bank account where you keep your money.

Do not take risks with your betting account, otherwise, you may lose money quickly as each game only lasts for a few minutes.

Choose a trustworthy betting website

Today, there are many virtual betting websites, all of which offer various types of virtual sports. However, consider choosing reputable websites such as BK8, for example.

BK8 collaborates with major providers to bring players professional, accurate, and safe games.

With virtual football betting, players can place bets at any time of the year and receive immediate winnings.

Furthermore, you don't need to be a football or betting expert to analyze and play these games.

All you need is to find the best betting website like BK8 and learn how to place bets, then you will become the master of virtual football betting.