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QweeQwee is a leading online portal that helps residents, as well as expat.

Qatar is officially known as the State of Qatar or "Dawlat Qatar". It is a country inhabiting a small desert peninsula, extends northward from the larger Arabian Peninsula. Qatar is officially recorded as the world’s "Safest Country” with the lowest crime rate with Doha, its capital is ranked the second "Safest City" amongst 431 cities worldwide measured.

Qatar has taken huge hikes in the past few years and now known as "one of the best" countries to live in with major advancements being seen. You can witness some of the greatest world-class developments on many fronts especially on infrastructure and business investments. Expats from different parts of the world consider Qatar as a great place to invest and the government provides several incentives and tax benefits.

This is the reason why more and more foreigners are moving to this country in search of new opportunities. Some come here for investment while others for job opportunities. It is opening doors to several opportunities for the local residents as well. If you have also shifted to Qatar to grab some opportunity and looking for a villa for rent in Qatar to live in, QweeQwee can help you find the one.

QweeQwee is a leading online portal that helps residents, as well as expats, find an apartment, flat, villa studio apartment, and even shared accommodation for rent. We have listed several properties with detailed property descriptions along with their pictures on our website. You can easily find the most suitable and budget-friendly home in your desired location by just selecting a few parameters.