There are no benefits for this action

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Additional minigames. Have you ever obtained Clue Scroll as a fall out of monster or activity? If you'd like, then you need to be acquainted with how to RS gold begin Treasure Trails. Enemies in the lands of Gielinor have a little chance to fall said Clue Scrolls that result in a location that might have a treasure. To complicate matters a little those pieces of paper have complex puzzles which might be in shape of a map, drawing, rhyme or some thing different. As the name says, this is simply a Clue of where your prize is. After solving it, you might find a different one and in about 5 solves you'll get treasure.

Burthorpe Games Room (Safe). Simply, only a board games room where players can play various Jagex variations of the well known titles like Connect Four or more Draughts. Rat Pits (Safe). Players may train their regular cats to become Wily Cats who specialize in fighting against Mice in the special arenas. By bargaining with Ali Morrisane who is greedy and cunning Pollnivnian retailer on the lookout for new business opportunities it is possible to make a little profit in kind of runes, clothes and blackjacks. This activity can be just completed once a week. Duel Arena (Safe). Just as the name states Duel Arena lets players to fight against each other.

This location also has available special rules which can be set to spice up things (like staking gold coins). It is available for both members and free to perform adventurers. Enables players from two opposing Buddy Chats to fight against eachother. There are no benefits for this action... maybe besides glory. Last Man Standing (Either Safe or Dangerous Based on the mode). From the Castle Wars area players may speak to NPC Lisa that may sign them up for LMS. This activity is essentially a battleground minigame implemented in RuneScape. Rules are pretty much the same as in other battleground matches - gamers are teleported into the island where they start looking for a equipment and struggle to eliminate each other. Game ends when one surviving participant is about the island. There's a reward of 1.5mil for the very first spot and 500k coins for second in competitive mode. Likewise to Clan Wars it's a team competition. Castle Wars is Just a Capture The Flag mode implemented as a minigame for RuneScape. Two groups aim to reach enemy base and buy osrs gold safe take a flagshielded by other players. As a benefit winning group gets tickets used to purchase several cosmetics.