Excavation skill-line is necessary for ESO players to dig for treasure

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Some ESO novice players may have the idea of going to the wild after completing the primary mission. They can choose to accept the side task of digging for treasure. But before that, there are some points they need to understand, otherwise it will only be in vain. Although Antiquarian’s Eye will lead them to the treasures, there are also crises along the way. Players had better Buy Elder Scrolls Online Gold in advance to get defensive equipment to resist invasion and excavation tools.

After they reach the treasure, they need to complete a mini digging game. After step by step, they can start digging until the grid shows green. At this time, they need to come up with practical excavation tools and use Excavation skill-line to help themselves. There is another thing that players must keep in mind that they must not use The Trowel on less than three layers of soil, because it is likely to cause damage to the treasures below. They can check the status of the treasure through the red status bar at the top of the screen.

And they must finish within the stipulated time. Some rookies who try to dig the treasure for the first time always cannot pay attention to the passage of time and the decline of physical strength. If a purple gas cloud suddenly appears during excavation, players must be more careful, because it may explode, which will cause serious damage to the player and the treasure or even disappear. Be careful and live long.

In short, there are many details that need players to pay attention to. If they want to succeed once, it is best to go to the player community to see other players’ experiences and videos of successfully digging treasures before they act, which may inspire them. And for the sake of safety, especially for novice players, it is very necessary and helpful to buy many Cheap ESO Gold. Best wishes for them.