Griesbeck: I trust us to climb down there

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The SPVGG Greuther Fürth has delivered a big fight against FC Bayern Munich, but in the end is there again with empty hands. The appearance of the cloverleaf makes hope.

I have to make my team a big compliment, said Fürth s coach Stefan Leitl at Dazn, mind you for a 1: 3 defeat. It was a significant increase in performance again. The first step was against Wolfsburg (0: 2), the second against Hertha (1: 2) and today the next against a world-class team. It has been recognized by the installation that she is not us underestimate.

The game association came aggressively from the cabin, the Bayern started early and thus recorded ball gains in midfield. We were courageous, had many good pressing moments. That was exactly what we had done, says Leitl, who had conjured up a new tactic from the hat with a 4-3-3 formation. We tried to actively make the game from the beginning and to ask Bavaria from problems, said clover-Keeper Sascha Burchert. It s bitter and very annoying that the first goal is a counterattack. That s very annoying. The river Alphonso Davies was not to be kept on the left, his flank was scanned by Maxi Bauer in front of the feet of Thomas Müller, which enforced over the left house post to the 1: 0 (10th).

We get two stupid pigsworships.

Sebastian Griesbeck

We tried to hold the 0-0 as long as possible. Unfortunately, that did not work so well. Then of course you run after one of the best teams in the world simply difficult, six Sebastian Griesbeck also had to give up . We get two stupid pigsworshipers, where we do not quite the order in the back. Because at the 0: 2, Fürth left the danger zone in front of the penalty area uncovered from where Joshua Kimmich met with a precision shot in the right corner (31.). A good degree, Leitl had to admit, but: Unfortunately, we come to too late. That s better to defend.

I WAS STUCK ON MY LAST BERLIN SHOT IN 8 BALL POOL, BUT JUST THEN...???? Two games, two standards, two owners

In the second section then germined hope: Benjamin Pavard stopped Julian Green with a raw game and was sent red to showers (48.). But even with a man More on the lawn, the game association went off the breakthrough. We would have had to go on a bit of full throttle at the front and were due to the majority to passive. We could have done ahead with more courage, Hande Griesbeck. Even Leitl put his finger in the wound: We were in excerpt for a long time and could have done more.

Instead, the FCB increased to 3: 0. As in Berlin, the shamrock was carried out an own goal after a resting ball. After a free-kick of Kimmich, Griesbeck spelled the ball of the bullet of Robert Lewandowski unhappy through the legs of Burchert into his own goal (68th). It was a standard situation where I m a little rummer with the Lewandowski. A position fight: I try to get to the ball from Lewandowski and then he goes to his own goal, unlawed Pechbird Griesbeck and gave himself self-critical. Of course that s stupid and should not happen. I have to have a better position and try to clarify the ball clever.

with courage in the key games

Just before the end, the White Greens still succeeded in deserving honorary goal, because Leitls Joker stabbed: the substitute Timothy Tillman flanked on the also substituted Cedric Itten, which set by header to 1: 3 (87.). We have proven that we can play football, Leitl was quite done. In the end, the realization is: The Central Franconia have streamlined in the last few weeks, but in the crucial scenes, however, are unhappy in the back.

We have proven that we can play football.

Stefan Leitl

The players nevertheless pushed courage from the youngest appearance. We see every day in training that we are a good team. We ll have to work on it and try in the next game to get the points to climb out there, Griesbeck said. I m fully trusted. The season is still very young. We will improve from game to game. I am optimistic.

Burchert has especially liked the aggressive pressing of his leading people and calls for exactly that for the coming lots: We have to play with courage against the ball and aggressive, demands the goalkeeper and emphasizes in view of the upcoming key games in Cologne and Bochum: We need points and the intensity, readiness and use of today, then in Cologne and at home against Bochum what possible.