Now taking a look at the low sec ores

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Low sec ores have fallen in price but not quite as much as the high sec ores. This is a result of the overwhelming number of retrievers afk mining in high sec. Unless your using a retriever now is the opportunity to EVE Mobile ISK move your mining operations into low or null sec, as the added risk is well worth the rewards today that all the low sec ores have plummeted in price.

I have just started a new corporation based from Vlillirier in Placid which is 1 jump away from the Cloud Ridge area in null sec using an available -0.4 and -0.8 mining system. Headquarters and hangars are up and operational as I paid the debt off and we're looking for more members to join and grow with us. We are focused primarily on mining, commerce, and manufacturing but we'll surely have pve and pvp created to take full advantage of our new home. We also have a 8 percent tax rate. I am presently working out the last details about our ore, minerals, and planetary materials buyback system so that you may sell directly to the company and steer clear of the market taxes while helping out the corp.. You may get the program to join by looking for corporations with all the preferences of [industry, low sec, null sec] and Americas and English settings. We have players from all over the world so even when you're not in the Americas you're more than welcome to join us. Utilize the discord link in the description of this video for more information or simply to gain extra accessibility for my Cheap EVE Echoes ISK content.