What is Path of Exile Atlas

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Old Path of Exile players know that GGG will reveal some mysterious information to players about it before the new expansion is released to give players more room for imagination. It's the same this time. Rumor has it that the new league's development team will add some Atlas elements to help players have more fun. Also, players will need to reserve as many POE Currency as possible, as the new expansion does not know what the risks are.

The article covers the Atlas of the Worlds, the war for the Atlas, the Conquerors of the Atlas and the next steps. While Atlas of Worlds was a bit light to narrate, it did introduce Shaper Quotes that were read by the Shaper. The War for the Atlas then took what the Atlas of the Worlds provided and expanded it. Nick argues that this Endgame expansion was probably the most narrative complete because it could build on the Atlas of Worlds.

Conquerors of the Atlas is the latest of these expansions, released in 2019. Overall, Nick states that he enjoyed Conquerors of the Atlas but didn’t have the same clarity as Atlas of Worlds. They want to reintroduce some calamity that came with the Shaper and Elder parenting feel, and they want to bring more history to the regular mapping with an element of unpredictability.

The day after tomorrow, GGG will broadcast the 3.13 extended information. Probably on the 11th of this month, they will end the Heist League on PC and fully prepare for the 3.13 expansion that will be released on the 15th. Players on the console need to wait until the 22nd of this month to play the new content. They’d better Buy POE Currency to sprint towards a more fun goal.