Heist League may appear in the core content of Path of Exile

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Although Path of Exile Heist league has long been over, there are still many players in the game who are not forgetting their experience in the league. Recall that GGG released the POE Heist league on September 18. In more than two months, it has improved players’ planning thinking for Grand Heists and allowed each player to get a full sense of participation and POE Currency. Although the last of the three epic events currently in progress is somewhat similar to the Heist League, it still cannot be compared with Heist.

Recently, game studio developers stated that they expect the Heist League to become the core mainstream content of Path of Exile in the future. It may not show this time until GGG announces the 3.13 extension on January 7th next year. The game team stated that they would check the response of the new extension before deciding whether to use Heist as mainstream content. Because they are not sure whether players will continue to play Heist without choosing a new league, because if that happens, the popularity of the new expansion will decrease, and game developers will question their behavior of releasing new expansions.

Players will only be able to play the Heist Flashback Event in the last week. Because seven days later it is time for GGG to release a new extension. The content about Heist will also finish on the PC on January 11. On January 15, the game team will add the 3.13 extension to Path of Exile. Although Xbox1 players and PS4 players have to wait until January 21 to play the latest extension on their respective platforms, for new players giving them more time to adapt to the rhythm and gameplay of the game is the most important thing to do.

For experienced players, they should not take it lightly. But if the novice players Buy POE Currency and integrate more practical game guides, then the old players will soon fall behind the harder people. Work together!