Path of Exile epic events introduction this month

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Halfway through this month, the three epic events developed by Grinding Gear Games and launched in Path of Exile have also ended two. The second event called Endless Delve stopped this morning. In a while, the last epic event called Heist Flashback Event will appear at 3pm, which is different from the POE Heist League. Although players have the opportunity to earn some POE Currency with their own efforts after entering the game, the risks in the process are not small.

After experiencing the first Mayhem event and the second Endless Delve event, many players expressed their expectation for the last event, which will last as long as three weeks. Players who have played the first two events know that the experience brought to them by the Mayhem event is very chaotic and exciting. Because there are many excellent mechanisms in the previous leagues, players who can skillfully use these mechanisms can get greater achievements.

The Endless Delve event that just ended is not very friendly and easy for novice players. Because players found that everyone must act alone and cannot team up with other players to complete tasks or adventures. Those who are weak and don’t understand Path of Exile will always be killed by the enemy inadvertently, but this does not dampen their confidence to continue playing. The veteran players have been going to the deepest point to get many precious treasures.

It is worth mentioning that players who enter the Heist Flashback Event need to recreate their characters in the game because it and the Heist League are two separate things rather than belonging. They can also use the last time to hone their skills and accumulate more practical experience before entering the POE 3.13 expansion to expand their ambitions. If they need it, Buy more POE Trade as soon as possible, which is very helpful to them.